Sleep is Vital


We spend almost a third of our life in sleeping. In fact, it is not spending but investing, because quality of rest two-third part of our life depends on the quality of sleep. Role of sleep is vital to overall health and well being. Sleep is essential in healing injuries, and to cope with pain and illnesses. Importance of sleep can be realized by just imagining how it becomes difficult when we don’t get sleep for one or few nights.

It is suggested that we must get sleep of 6-7 hours each day. It is not just lying in bed for 6-7 hours; scientifically there are four stages in each sleep-cycle. Each stage of sleep-cycle has its own significance; therefore sleep is not completed until the cycle is completed. Different organs and systems of body get rest in different stages of sleep.


Lots of studies have done on sleep and its effects on body and brain. Deficient sleep for a long period of time can lead to major physical disorders like: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac failure, Stroke, Obesity, Impotence, Decreased Libido, etc. It also causes major mental disorders like: Depression, Personality Changes, Panic Attacks, etc. It also negatively affects memory, cognitive and learning ability, mood, and personality. Feeling of sleepiness during daytime leads to inability to focus on work, which causes high risk of accidents while operating machines or driving cars. Studies show, the risk of accidents is seven times more for sleep disorder than alcohol.

There are lots of causes of sleep deficiency such as: medical conditions like chronic asthma, arthritis, and obstructive sleep apneoa (OSA); psychological problems like depression and stress; consumption of beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol; addictions of drugs or smoking; an unhealthy or a sedentary lifestyle; and many known and unknown factors. Age is a natural factor which controls sleep; youngsters get better sleep than elderly, all due to levels of sleep controlling hormones.

“A well spent day brings happy sleep”-Leonardo da Vinci.

This small quote says everything. If we are tired at the end of the day, no doubt we will have a good night sleep. Many of us get mentally tired but not physically. Studies show physical exertion plays main part in good quality of sleep. Many people who regularly go to gym, do yoga, or do any other exercise get tired enough to have a sound sleep. People do lot of things to get sleep, but forget that the sleep is physiological condition to refresh body and brain only after they get tired.

“Sleep is sweet to the laboring man”-Jonh Bunyan



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